Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

It is spring ?

In germany, the weather is at the moment terrible. Storm , rain, sunshine, storm again, hail, sunshine, hailstorm, snow…

This is, why i had this idea, to make a scene card with Amanda. I think, she has the same question as i. *LOL*

 For the tree i had used leaves from the model train from my father. 

 Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:

1095-G Amanda saw Santa Claus
5008-B Dragonfly
5011-B Buzzle Bee
5030-B Ladybug (side)
5031-B RollyPoly
5059-B Butterfly with dots
5060-B Firefly
5052-C Crumbs away (flying mouse)
6002-Y Front porch
7047-W Tree Hill

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