Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

New Cards

Sorry, it was so quiet here, because we had so much stress and i was 3 weeks sick too.
 Now we have summer holidays and the stress is gone.

I must show you 3 cards, i had made for Eat Cake Graphics.

 Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
1120-F Daphne on her floatie bear
1121-G Ryan relaxes
1122-F Kyle floats
1130-I Walter floats
1131-G Catherine swims
8109-F Lazy days (text)
5055-B Seahorse
5008-B Dragonfly
7025-F Mr. Sun in cool pair of shades


 Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
7044-V Magical flowers (left big)
7046-S Magical flowers (right big)


Eat Cake Graphics stamps used:
2023-F Frisky Fradey
2024-D Samson’s sneaking
5060-B Firefly
7023-G Smiling sunshine
7034-I Bunch of grass
8036-C Meow (text)
8060-B BOO! (text)

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